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Storage Cleanout Services

Are you ready to say goodbye to your cluttered and disorganized storage unit?  At Priority Hauling & Junk Removal San Diego We're here to help! Our team is thrilled to offer full-service storage unit cleanout services. We'll come to your location and take care of everything for you. Don't wait any, contact us today to schedule an appointment and the joy of a clean and organized storage unit!

Storage Corridor

Storage Unit Cleanouts in San Diego, Chula Vista, El Cajon

Storage units are great places to temporarily store items when moving, renovating your home or when downsizing your home. However, the monthly cost of maintaining them adds up, and we often hastily throw whatever we think we might want to hang on to into storage. When it's time to move your things out of your storage unit, Priority Hauling  & Junk Removal San Diego will help you get cleaned up and out of there in no time!

Junk Items We Take

Our junk removal specialists are happy to take most non-hazardous items from your storage unit. From large furniture to electronics, our trained professionals can take it off your hands. Here are a few of the more common items we remove from storage units:

  • Furniture

  • Mattresses

  • Box Springs

  • Electronics

  • Clothing

  • Boxes and bags

  • Old tools

  • Appliances

Storage Doors
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